Are you ready to CONNECT with your readers?

Most authors never learn the tricks to consistently create, send, and track their newsletters (if they even have one!).

But not you!

You want to write great newsletters that your tribe of ideal readers craves.

Good news! THIS course is what you needed; made BY a published author, FOR authors of all levels.

Did you know email STILL outperforms social media for marketing and selling books?

Build a list of email subscribers, and send newsletters they love to read.

Boom. Bigger tribe of readers, instantly.

So…why are you here right now? 

Does your current newsletter get

disappointing results? 

  • People sign up, but they skip the next step of purchasing your books?

  • You struggle with sending newsletters consistently (I get it, life happens!)

  • Text length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs


Are you stuck trying to figure out how to get started creating your first author newsletter?

  • You aren't a tech whiz, and the entire process sounds overwhelming

  • You write books, not newsletters! You don’t know what to write to grow the relationship with your audience

Stop sifting through hundreds of newsletter blogs that never answer your author-related questions

I have a better way!

Imagine you had a step-by-step plan to grow your author platform AND create a tribe of readers that buy your books.

Even better, imagine doing it all WITHOUT being on social media 24/7!

You've downloaded my free newsletter guide (If not, get it HERE!), and now you want a deep dive into each step of the newsletter process. 

This course is the in-depth lesson you need to create and launch your first newsletter this week!

Learn how to...

  • Create an author newsletter that people will read

  • Market your newsletter and grow a subscription list

  • Use newsletters to increase book sales

I spill ALL the secrets about newsletter marketing I used to build my author platform.

These strategies worked for me, and I promise they can work for you.

You CAN consistently write and send newsletters to build a tribe of readers who love (and want MORE of)
your books.

I show you how!

Here’s the rundown...

My 5-week course will release a new training video each week.

  • Video 1: Author Newsletter Basics

    ▪ Why newsletters are KEY for your business

    ▪ Common myths about newsletters that hold you back

  • Video 2: How to Write Author Newsletters

    ▪ How to write insatiable newsletter content

    ▪ Unlock topics your audience wants to read from you

  • Video 3: Get Newsletter Subscribers

    ▪ Which email platform is best for you

    ▪ Create engaging sign-up offers

    ▪ Turn social media followers into an email list

  • Video 4: Create a Newsletter Gameplan

    ▪ How to make a consistent newsletter schedule

    ▪ My proven 3-year case study

  • Video 5: Analyze Your Stats

    ▪ How to Decipher Your Email Marketing Numbers

    ▪ Important Newsletter Tests

    ▪ Discover what WORKS and what to fix

That’s not all.

When you buy this five-video course, you ALSO receive FOUR bonus audio lessons!
  • Audio Lesson 1:    How to Come Up With Content Ideas Part 1

  • Audio Lesson 2:    How to Come Up With Content Ideas Part 2

  • Audio Lesson 2:    Time Management Mindset

  • Audio Lesson 3:    Time Management for Unpublished Authors

  • Audio Lesson 4:    Time Management for Published Authors

Guess what? There’s even more!

I want your author newsletter to be as successful as it can.

That’s why when you buy my course you receive ALL the audio and video lessons above, AND these bonus downloads:
  • Content Brainstorming Workbook

  • Author Newsletter Design Workbook

  • Lead Magnet Workbook

  • Email Platform Workbook

  • Newsletter Subscriber Gameplan Workbook

  • Time Audit Tracking Sheet

  • Newsletter Tracking Sheet

Let's recap!

For ONLY $499 you get:

  • FIVE Training Videos

  • FIVE Audio Lessons

  • SEVEN Workbooks/sheets

This five-week course gives you all the tried-and-true strategies I used to turn the newsletter ideas in my mind into a marketing tool that let me build the life I had wanted.

What they say about me

Katie Phillips / Fiction Editor, and Author Coach

Margaret is a life-saver for the overwhelmed authorpreneur! She listened to my ideas, got to know my brand, and swiftly created a plan to organize my schedule, social media, and emails to effectively reach my audience. No more erratic posting, missed deadlines, or last-minute panicking because I forgot a newsletter was due! She’s a jewel, and I love getting to work with her.

Hi, I'm MJ!

I’m Margaret McGriff; you can call me MJ.

I’ve published swashbuckling YA fantasy novels and short stories. I also created professional digital marketing content — including email strategy — for 13+ years.

This course is part of my mission to give back to our awesome community. I combine my experience as an author and digital marketer to help other authors create newsletters that enchant their readers. (And sell more books!)

The in-depth lessons in this course cover everything I discovered about writing newsletters for my email subscribers. You, my fellow author, will learn what it takes to make your newsletters sparkle.